It is unique

It only takes a second

It is always crucial

The first impression






My work includes the professional creation of images for


  • Private persons (e.x. Portraits, application photos etc.)


  • Firms and associations (photos for websites, brochures, flyers)


  • Events (festivities, concerts or sport events)


The implementation of your project can take place in my studio in Braunschweig or directly in your location.

Braunschweig is easily accessible through the connction on the highway A2 with Hannover in the west and Wolfsburg, Königslutter and Helmstedt in the east.



The secret to expressive photographs is not in the photographer or his/her equipment alone. What is most important is to have a relaxed atmosphere during the shooting so the client is also relaxed.

This guarantees expressive, natural results which will enthral you even years afterwards.






Before the actual shooting, there are a few details to clarify in order to draw up an individual offer.


The following are some details to be clarified before the shooting:


  • Location in which the shooting will take place
  • Number of persons involved in the shooting
  • Type of photographs (portrait, group photos)
  • for Firms: Message the images should state about; who are the clients; what kind of image the photos should relay
  • Is a make-up artist necessary
  • ......



I would be happy to hear from you and come up with an offer that fits your special needs and individual requirements.



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