Informations about me

My name is Helge Bauer, born 1971.


I took my first steps in photography with a small digital compact camera but reached soon a technical limit with this camera

as I wanted to be more creative with manual settings.


With the purchase of my first DSLR, I was given many more possibilities. The purchase of more equipment over time made it possible to work more creatively on a professional level.


My main interest is portrait photography. I particulary enjoy coming up with and developing image ideas with the client. Every person is individual und unique, and it is my role to capture this individuality in a photo. People frequently discover a new side of themselves in front of the camera during shooting; this makes for an exciting experience each time.


With it most of the people who stand in front of the camera often feel anxious, but that is completely normal and understandable.

With the people who lack the experience, I meet with them a few days in advance of the shooting as it helps to reduce self-consciousness and fear.

And this guarantees natural and expressive redults in the end.




Helge Bauer